Training Center

The Training Center of the Education and Training Academy is equipped to receive students or graduates seeking training in any specialization at KHCC under the supervision of academically and technically qualified cadres.

KHCC’s Training Center provides the best training services for health care providers by:



Facilitating The Conduction Of Training Programs For External Parties
 Receiving Training Requests And Issuing Certificates
Providing Advice And Guidance To Trainees

Training courses for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses: Details


Steps to apply for training at King Hussein Cancer Center:



Download And Print The Application Form
Provide The Required Data
Submit The Application Form in-Person or Electronically


Once submitted, the training request is evaluated and the trainee is required to complete some medical checks and present them to the Training Center to complete the training request.

  • To download and print the practical training application at KHCC, click here.
  • You can submit the application to Training Center, or send it electronically to one of the following emails:


Accreditations received by the training center: