Stages of Cancer

The tumor is at its original growth site without spreading to surrounding tissue. It is highly curable and able to be surgically removed. At this stage the tumor is not cancerous, but it may develop into a cancerous tumor later on.

At this stage the tumor is small and localized and has not yet spread to surrounding tissues, nor has it spread to the lymph nodes or any other parts of the body. This is often called ‘early stage cancer’. We stress the importance of conducting early detection tests to diagnose cancer at this stage to ensure higher chances of recovery

During these two stages, the tumor will have evolved and increased in size, spreading in varying degrees into the surrounding tissue. It may have reached the neighboring lymph nodes as well, but it has not yet spread to any other parts of the body.

This is an advanced stage, meaning that the cancer has spread and reached different parts away from its original site of growth. This stage is also called ‘metastatic cancer’.