Enriching National Tobacco Control Programs

We aim to enrich national tobacco control programs to protect public health policies in collaboration with national stakeholders and international experts and partners. 

1-    Strengthening National Tobacco Control (SNTC)

Project description

Protection of the public is the main reason why tobacco control (TC) is pursued in any country, and citizens themselves can contribute dramatically to the success of efforts to control tobacco. The project sought to mobilize various governmental and non-governmental stakeholders (including KHCC) within Jordan through advocacy, national meetings and dialogues, and international guidance, in order to augment the efforts of the Ministry of Health (MOH) in its efforts to control tobacco.

2-    Jordan’s National Tobacco Control Strategy (NTCS)

Project description

Over the years, there have been several initiatives in Jordan to plan for and address tobacco control (TC). In 2001, the Ministry of Health (MoH) established the National Tobacco Control Committee (NTCC) to bring together stakeholders to develop a national strategy for TC. In 2004, Jordan ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), and in 2008 the Public Health Law no. 47/2008 was passed including articles pertinent to TC. And yet, TC in Jordan continues to lag with respect to implementing obligations arising from the FCTC. As a result, the NTCS aims to build on the findings of the Status Quo of Tobacco Control in Jordan report to advance TC in Jordan.