Awareness and Health Education

KHCC’s Cancer Control Office regularly conducts evidence-based awareness sessions to promote and instill healthy lifestyles for different audiences within different sectors based on demand.


Events & Activities:

Main topics:

  • Harms of tobacco use and ways to quit
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle for cancer prevention

Approximately 26,000 people benefitted from awareness lectures between 2010 and 2019 from the following sectors:

    • 107 schools
    • 25 activities in various Jordanian universities
    • 95 activities in various companies and institutions


Prevention and Elimination of Tobacco Consumption Among Youths

Countries around the world are attempting to eliminate tobacco usage by: (1) developing and implementing policies and laws to reduce both the demand and supply of tobacco; and (2) raising awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco, especially among young people, to protect them from this affliction.

KHCC held a training workshop in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health in Qatar to help trainers prepare competencies for school counselors and social workers to design and implement integrated school programs.


Videos & Brochures

  • To download the health and smoking brochure or booklet, please click here.
  • To download guide for quitting smoking, please click here.
  • To download our brochure with information about quitting smoking after a cancer diagnosis, please click here.


Awareness videos:

  • To view the tar effect trial, please click here.
  • To browse our video collection regarding the harmful effects of smoking on cancer patients, please click here.