Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy (in which the patient is given external hormones to cause a change in the glands system inside the body) is used to treat cancerous tumors. Steroids and antihistamines are some of the most prevalent substances in hormone therapy, as they affect the body’s hormone levels and may impact the genes within cancer cells in various forms.


The doctor uses hormone therapy to treat cancerous tumors that occur inside cells such as breast, prostate, and adrenal cortex cells that respond to hormones. It is also possible to use hormone therapy to treat the symptoms associated with cancer, such as parietal tumor syndrome, and it can rid the patient of appetite loss, which results from some cancer treatment methods.


A prominent example of hormone therapy for breast cancer is Estrogen_Response Modulator Tamoxifen.  Hormonal agents such as Aromatase Inhibitor can be used to treat cancerous tumors as well.