Jordanian Patients Office

The Jordanian Patients Office facilitates the procedures for new Jordanian patients through a number of services, including:

  • Receiving patients’ medical reports and any other relevant documentation and submitting them to KHCC’s specialized medical committees to obtain approval for treatment at the Center.
  • Coordinating with the Center's team to help patients who are financing their treatment themselves, or who have received financial coverage from the government in order to begin treatment.
  • Ensuring the presence of medical tests required for the acceptance of new cases, which include:
    • Diagnostic reports, such as radiology reports and tissue examination reports
    • A medical report from the diagnosing doctor
  • Following up with patients regarding the coverage renewal procedures and any medical reports required for the coverage.
  • Sending consultations and documents to the committee concerned with accepting new cases.
  • Filling out the consultation form and including the medical reason behind accepting the case, or the unfortunate rejection of the case.
  • If the patient is accepted, the following steps are taken:
    • Contacting the patient to complete the required official documents.
    • Booking an appointment for the patient at the New Patients Clinic.


New Patient Procedures 


New patient procedures 1


For Inquiries:

  • Phone: 0096265300460 ext. 1101 - 1201-1537
  • Working Hours:

Sunday - Thursday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

  • Office location: Nizar Al Naqeeb building, ground floor


New Cases Coordinators’ Office

This office aims to ensure that patients start treatment at the Center as soon as possible by facilitating and completing all their diagnostic procedures.  Upon being accepted as a patient at KHCC, patients are provided with the phone numbers of the New Cases Coordinators’ Office which performs the following tasks: 

  • Opening temporary medical files for patients and booking the nearest appointment at a preparatory clinic.
  • Informing patients of their scheduled appointments and the necessary preparations for each procedure.
  • Following up on patient appointments, test results, and radiology reports, and revising the tests that were requested by the preparatory clinic.
  • Reserving the first appointment at the consulting physician’s office upon the patient’s completion of preparatory clinic procedures.

 If you are unable to attend your appointment for any reason, please contact the New Cases Coordinators’ Office.


For inquiries:
Phone: 0096265400360 ext. 1389 - 1390 - 1391
Mobile: 00962770486108 - 00692770485680 - 00962777464778