Our Features


A comprehensive treatment of cancer patients (including all medical specialties)


Treatment of both young and old patients


The largest stem cell transplantation program across the Middle East that achieved success rates compatible with international standards


Cooperative and scientific consultations with key cancer treatment centers across the globe


Adherence to international standards and protocols in cancer treatment


Treatment decisions made by a multidisciplinary medical team

Special advantages ensuring the comfort of patients and their families


Available single rooms assigned for individual patient to ensure full privacy and relaxation


Comfortable beds for chemotherapy with an impressive view to inspire the patient


Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services


Cozy waiting rooms


Floors dedicated to women and children


An open-air garden, along with game rooms to boost the morale of patients and their families

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State-of-the-art techniques


Brain and Neurology Operating Room

The room is equipped with an advanced navigational system that enables the physician to remove the tumor with utmost accuracy while preserving the adjacent healthy tissue. The system also enables doctors to move the patient to an MRI which is connected to a navigation system during the operation, and to carry out an immediate evaluation based on the MRI image to ensure the most accurate results compared to traditional surgery.

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Modern Techniques in Radiation Oncology

Our advanced Radiation Oncology Department contains 6 linear accelerators equipped with an x-ray tracking system that produces four-dimensional image of the tumor and the other body organs of the patient, thus ensuring the highest level of accuracy in focusing the radiation on the hard tumor tissue.


Advanced tumor diagnosis techniques

Our diagnostic imaging rooms work through an advanced audiovisual method that provides a comfy psychological environment to our patients - especially children - during MRI, CT, and radiotherapy sessions.


Cellular Therapy and Applied Genomics

Our advanced cellular therapy and applied genomics laboratory hosts the first and only public cord blood bank in Jordan, thereby preserving stem cells that play a vital role in saving the lives of our patients suffering from leukemia and other hematologic diseases.


Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT) Program

The laboratory also carries out advanced genetic analyses that help doctors identify the special genetic structure of each patient, thus facilitating the therapeutical decision-making process for each patient’s case