The Library and Educational Resources Center

The KHCC Library and Educational Resources Center is one of the most comprehensive academic health science libraries in both Jordan and the region; it includes resources and information for scientific research and education, enabling medical care professionals to be informed of the latest developments in the field of medical publications.


  • The library is open to all patients and their families, and to anyone affiliated with KHCC.
  • The Library has two main sources for users to access:
    • Library inventory: Consisting of over 1,540 books, thousands of eBooks and journals, and video tapes and CDs.
    • E-library portal.


There are two rooms equipped with computers: the main hall and the Kuwait E-library hall.

Online portal for educational information resources

The KHCC Library and Educational Resources Center established an online portal to ensure that KHCF and KHCC staff have easy access to all updated medical information, research, eBooks, medical magazines, and research papers.

Library services

  • Providing medical articles
  • Assisting in medical database search

Resources available at the library