What We Do

What We Do
The King Hussein Cancer Foundation is the largest community-based organization fully dedicated to combating cancer in Jordan. Our work includes:
1. Fundraising and Development
KHCF has institutionalized fundraising, involving people from all walks of life in the fight against cancer. Through a wide variety of programs and activities KHCF works to rally support - locally, regionally and internationally - in order to achieve its life-saving mission.
2. Global Work
KHCF is actively involved in the fight against cancer and as such is an active contributor to various forums and conferences through which it becomes a pressure group on the global community. The Foundation's global work aims to increase funding and key partnerships in order to obtain the resources and support necessary to combat cancer more effectively in Jordan.
3. Supporting Patients
KHCF strives to ensure that patients are treated as a whole at the King Hussein Cancer Center, with the primary focus on supporting underprivileged and vulnerable patients. This means ensuring that each patient's individual needs are met financially, emotionally and spiritually. 
4. Cancer Care Coverage Program
KHCF runs the largest non-profit cancer coverage program in Jordan that covers patients exclusively at KHCC for a minimum annual premium.
5. Prevention, Awareness and Early Detection
Through its work, KHCF supports and leads a variety of programs designed to increase cancer education and awareness and to promote early detection in several areas, such as breast cancer, tobacco use, nutrition and healthy lifestyles.