Zain Jordan Supports Graduation Ceremony of High School Seniors (Tawjihi) at KHCF

The king Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) graduated 18 students from high school (Tawjihi) for the year 2022, each of whom is currently receiving treatment at the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC). KHCF’s Tawjihi program is supported by the Ministry of Education, and sponsored by Zain Jordan.

The 2022 graduation ceremony was held at KHCF, during which Mr. Fahad Aljasem, Chief Executive Officer of Zain Jordan was honored by Mrs. Nisreen Qatamish, Director General of KHCF.

Since 2016, Zain Jordan has supported this ceremony within the framework of its extended partnership with KHCF and KHCC, as part of its sustainable programs and initiatives pertaining to the medical sector in Jordan. As such, Zain Jordan is classified as a prominent supporter for KHCF and KHCC. The support given by Zain Jordan partially covers tuition fees and provides laptops for a number of students, which will help them continue studying without interruption while they undergo treatment at the Center.

On that, Mrs. Nisreen Qatamish said, “We thank Zain Jordan for its continuous support over the years, and for its contribution in encouraging students to achieve their aspirations. For our part, we are keen on providing a suitable environment that enables students to finish their educational journey and succeed in the future.”

The Tawjihi program is part of KHCF’s Back to School Program, as it enables patient students to continue their studies uninterrupted, and to undertake Tawjihi exams while at the King Hussein Cancer Center under the supervision of representatives of the Ministry of Education.