What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is a type of x-ray that is specially designed to detect any tumors, lumps, or abnormalities in the breasts. Each breast is x-rayed from two different views for complete analysis. You should always keep your old X-rays for future comparison.


How is it taken?

In a special room, you will be asked to stand in front of an x-ray machine with your breasts pressed flat between two plastic plates for a few minutes until an image is taken. This might feel slightly uncomfortable, but it is necessary in order to get an accurate image of the inner breast tissue.


Are mammograms painful or harmful?

Mammograms are not harmful as they use very small doses of radiation. However, you might feel slight pain and discomfort due to the pressure on your breasts during the screening. 


How important is a mammogram?

Mammograms are the most efficient screening method for the early detection of breast cancer. Early-stage breast cancer has survival rates of up to 90%.


When should I get a mammogram?
Women over 40 years of age should start getting an annual mammogram in addition to self and clinical breast exams.


If you have a family history of breast cancer, then we would  advise you to consult your doctor as you will probably need to start getting mammograms earlier than the recommended age.

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