Anesthesiology and Pain Management Department

Department Services

The department provides anesthesia of all kinds in line with the latest international standards.  The department has six operating rooms in the Nizar Al Naqib building and several operating rooms in the King Salman bin Abdulaziz Building, in addition to covering the Brain Suite.


Preoperative Patient Care Services

The Patient Care Clinic ensures that the patient is ready for operation by performing clinical, laboratory, and radiographic exams. The course of the operation, the procedures that will be taken, and the inquiries are also addressed. Notably, it is the first clinic of its kind in Jordan.


Pain Management Services

  • Acute Pain Treatment Service:
    This service was established to follow up and help the patient overcome pain resulting from surgical procedures. It is a service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The treatment of acute pain is carried out under the supervision of an anesthesiologist, and this service is based on the nursing services at KHCC.
  • Chronic Pain Management Service:
    The Chronic Pain Management Clinic at KHCC receives all patients referred from other departments.
  • Interventional Pain Management:
    The department is distinguished by this specialization, as it has sent delegations to developed countries to develop the skills of medical personnel in this field. 
  • Diploma in Pain Management:
    Under the umbrella of the King Hussein Training Academy and in collaboration with Jordan University, KHCC established a Diploma in Pain Management.
  • Residency Program in Anesthesiology
    The residency program in anesthesiology is approved by the Jordan Medical     Council (JMC). The department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management at KHCC is currently collaborating with Istiklal Hospital to fulfill JMC’s requirements.


Department Faculty


Dr. Hussein Abu Khudair – Chairman

Dr. Marwan Obaid

Dr. Esam Farhood

Dr. Hatem Al Jaberi

Dr. Munir Al Shawqfeh

Dr. Ahed Adwan

Dr. Muhammad Dabbas

Dr. Zuhair Sobeih

Dr. Mahmoud Ramadan

Dr. Ashraf Darwish

Dr. Ahmed Al Raqb

Dr. Iyas Abu Diyab

Dr. Zaid Ayesh

Dr. Ahmad Ghidan

Dr. Nisreen Abu Salah

Dr. Emad Haddadin

Dr. Muhammad Al Jallad

Dr. Mohamed Rizik

Dr. Yazan Mubaslat

Dr. Zahir Mashreqi

Dr. Ghadeer Shawabkeh

Dr. Rashid Al hyari

Dr. Lama Assaf


Anesthesia Technicians:

Mr. Ziad Mohamed Amro

Mowafaq Al- Akaila

Muhammad Osama Al Hamran

Shady Marwan

Ahlam Hamdan

Aisha Ziadeh

Abeer Al Ahmad

Tamara Momani

Khaldoun Khaled

Nisreen Abu Shakra

Safaa Awad

Musab Joud Allah

Saad Eddin Ahmed

Hamza Abu Fouda

Nesreen Al Azza

Mahmoud Zahra

Mays Alrawashdeh

Bara’a Jetawi

Ala’a Al Shafei

Shereen Al Ghzewi

Khuzama Al Habahbeh

Marah Abdel Ghani


Administrative Assistant:

Helen Faris Abdul Nabi


Central Coordinator:

Reem Abu Salim