Department of Ancillary Services - The Nutrition Unit

The Nutrition Unit at KHCC works in close cooperation with physicians, nurses, pharmacists and food service to ensure that cancer patients receive comprehensive nutritional care during all stages of treatment.

Patients with cancer have special dietary needs because cancer causes a high metabolic rate, in addition to the many side effects of cancer treatment such as a suppressed immune system and impacted gastrointestinal tract, all these factors highlight the importance of nutrition service to support our patients and to achieve optimal nutrition during their treatment journey.


KHCC Nutrition Unit Role:

  • Performing an initial nutritional assessment to all KHCC patients and recommending nutrition interventions when needed for both inpatients and outpatients.
  • Providing nutritional support as total parenteral nutrition (nutrients provided through an intravenous access) and enteral nutrition (nutrients provided through the gastrointestinal tract through tube or stoma) when needed.
  • Offering nutrition education for patients, families and caregivers regarding patients’ nutritional needs before, during and after cancer treatment.
  • Supervising meals provided for the inpatients to ensure compatibility with the patients’ needs.
  • Providing training and education for dietitians from outside KHCC and for university students of nutrition faculties.
  • Providing continuous education to KHCC dietitians.
  • Participating in community nutritional programs, conferences and nutrition-related activities.
  • Participating in KHCC research related to nutrition issues in cancer patients.
  • Providing outpatient nutrition clinics for both pediatric and adult patients.


KHCC Nutrition Unit Staff

Maha Barbar Aliwat, MD; Director of Nutrition

Nibal Yousef: Unit Head

Rula Al Shoushi, Senior Clinical Dietitian

Tagreed Abu Rumman, Clinical Dietitian

Esr'a Alr ahahleh, Clinical Dietitian

Abeer Alkilany, Clinical Dietitian

Rana Melhem, Clinical Dietitian

Elham Al Najdawi, Dietitian

Ibrahim Al Anati, Dietitian

Mais Al-Halawani, Dietitian

Nansy Riziq, Dietary Technician

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