Diagnostic Radiology Department

The diagnostic radiology department provides a wide range of general and subspecialized imaging modalities in oncologic diagnostic and interventional imaging. These offer state-of-the-art technology which enable physicians to precisely diagnose cancer patients, and to assess their response to treatment.


The Diagnostic radiology department involves several sections:

  • Breast imaging and Interventional breast imaging unit
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Brain Laboratory
  • Interventional Radiology (including therapeutic procedures for oncology patients)
  • Computed Tomography (CT scan)
  • Ultrasound
  • General X-ray imaging


The department imaging modalities comprise:

  • Four MRI machines that provide the latest technology in this field
  • Three multi-detector CT scanners
  • Ultrasound
  • Interventional suite and recovery room
  • General x-ray machines.

KHCC is the first center in Jordan to establish an integrated comprehensive breast imaging unit. Having all breast imaging services in one place has facilitated the provision of women-centered care.

The breast imaging unit has state-of-the-art technology including: five digital mammography, four ultrasound machines and a 3-Tesla MRI machine for detection and diagnose of breast cancer.

The unit provides breast biopsies as part of interventional breast imaging services. The breast biopsy is a simple medical procedure in which breast tissue is sampled and sent to the histopathology laboratory for testing.

The full range breast interventions are done under guidance of ultrasound and mammography including stereotactic prone table. The unit also provides MRI-guided breast biopsy.

As part of our multidisciplinary approach, image-guided preoperative wire localization is routinely performed in collaboration with the surgery Department.

The diagnostic radiology department, with its imaging modalities such as X-rays, MRIs, fluoroscopy, CT scans and ultrasounds, help diagnose cancers of different body organs using the newest technology available in the region.

Different kinds of image-guided interventions are provided at KHCC; ranging from simple procedures such as PICC-insertion and intravenous lines to more complex procedures such as microwave ablation of some tumors (producing electromagnetic waves to create heat around the tumor which destroy the cancer cells).

The diagnostic radiology department at KHCC has an accredited residency program which qualifies radiology residents to the Jordanian Medical Council and the Arab Medical Council boards’ exams.

The department also has a breast imaging fellowship program recognized by the Arab Medical Board. Fellows practice and train for one year in all breast imaging modalities and interventions. 

Finally, the department also provides training programs for Radiology technologists.


Diagnostic Radiology Department Faculty

Dr. Abdallah Jamil Nofal, Chairman Department of Diagnostic Radiology

Dr. Hamzi Al Omari

Dr. Mohammad Ghatasheh

Dr. Mousa Elkhaldi

Dr. Khalid Qarmash

Dr. Jafar Bani Issa

Dr. Heba Farfoura

Dr. Azza Gharaibeh

Dr. Yumna Khatib

Dr. Laila AbuTahoun

Dr. Fatena Ajlouni

Dr. Suha Ghoul

Dr. Dima Abu Laban

Dr. Mohammad Abu Shattal

Dr. Mohammad Mujlli

Dr. Qasem AlZoubi

Dr. Kifah Elhafez

Dr. Dr. Samih Al-Khleifat

Dr. Hazem Haboub

Dr. Zuhair ElZmmili

Dr. Monther Qandeel

Dr. Omar Al Battoush

Dr. Samah Shihab