Patient Journey

After the VisitDuring the VisitBefore the Visit
  • Preparing the medical record along with the necessary medical reports.
  • Setting a post-treatment follow up plan.
  • Setting dates for the necessary visits and consultations according to the recommendations by the specialized medical team.
  • Proceeding with logistic services including hotel reservations, transportations, and local trips.
  • Reception into KHCC and orientation through its inner sections and services upon arrival.
  • Assigning a companion from the International Patients’ Office.
  • Reviewing the initial treatment plan and its schedule.
  • Proceeding with the admission formalities.
  • Proceeding with the treatment plan prescribed by the specialized medical team.
  • Managing visa application formalities.
  • Cost estimation, and facilitation of the payment mechanism.
  • Setting dates and reception procedures.
  • Arranging the stay, admission, and transportations.