Seven Mountains Initiative Launches for the Fifth Year to Support the Treatment of KHCC Patients

Amman, February, 2023 - For the fifth year in a row, the annual "Seven Mountains" youth initiative was launched with the goal of fundraising to support the treatment of underprivileged pediatric patients at the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC). A team of adventurous students will climb a mountain to raise USD 100,000, which will be used entirely to support the treatment of patients at the center.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Mrs. Nisreen Qatamish, Director General of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF), and Mr. Louay Al-Shomali, founder of the initiative. This included announcing the value of donations that the team hopes to raise, introducing the team's twenty young men and women, and announcing the new summit to be climbed, Mount Meru in Tanzania.

Mrs. Nisreen Qatamish expressed her gratitude to the team, the initiative's founder, and the students at the International School of Choueifat, stating: "We see a strong connection between the idea of climbing mountains and facing cancer, which demands incredible determination. Therefore, we are proud to see the young people of today so eager to take part in this endeavor, demonstrating a willingness to take on new challenges and a genuine desire to help others. We hope that their journey is fruitful and that they bring good news back to our courageous patients.”

Mr. Louay Shomali, in turn, stated: “supporting the King Hussein Cancer Center is a national mission for every Jordanian due to the high costs of treatment and patients' inability to bear the costs. We are continuing our campaign, which began in 2018, and have raised USD 500,000 to date.

We are proud to announce the names of this year’s participants: Elane Abu Khalaf, Bana Abu Ghosh, Tina Abu Sir, Zia Qubain, Sanad Fakhoury, Abdullah Arafat, Omar Abu Ghosh, Francis Lama, Farah Asfour, Fernando Lama, Fahd Kazaki, Cro Assaf, Maya Tamimi, Mahmoud Abu Samaha, Mahmoud al-Khalili, Nour and Ghanem Muhammad, Hashem al-Naji, Heba Hussein.