Princess Ghida Talal launches 5th Arab Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Amman, October 1st, 2020 - HRH Princess Ghida Talal, Chairperson of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) and Center (KHCC), launched the fifth Arab Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign under the slogan: "Behind every number is a life." The campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of the early detection of breast cancer.

Princess Ghida delivered her message through social media, saying: "I ask every woman to make her health a priority, because cancer statistics are not just numbers - behind every number is a life."

The Jordan Breast Cancer Program is a national program that operates under the leadership and support of KHCF and KHCC. Its aims include raising awareness and providing comprehensive services for the early detection and screening of breast cancer for all women in Jordan.

To view Princess Ghida’s message, please click here.