Meeting of the Arab Coalition in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Amman, June 2023 - A meeting of the Arab Coalition in the Fight against Breast Cancer was held in conjunction with the conclusion of the Second Regional Breast Cancer Conference of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) and Center’s (KHCC) Jordan Breast Cancer Program (JBCP). The Arab Coalition consists of 16 associations specialized in breast cancer control from Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Iraq, Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman, Palestine, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, and Palestine.

The purpose of the meeting was to develop a unified Arab strategy to fight breast cancer. The coalition members’ accomplishments over the years were highlighted, along with future objectives and an action plan.

Dr. Asem Mansour, Director General of KHCC and Chairman of the Board of Directors of JBCP said, "We cannot stress enough the importance of regional networking and cooperation in order to establish a culture of prevention and early detection of breast cancer. Diagnosis at an early stage increases women’s chances of survival, and that is our goal."

Dr. Reem Al-Ajlouni, Director of JBCP, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in relation to accomplishing common goals that will enhance Arab women's health, and leave a lasting impact.