Kingdom for Energy Investments Company Sponsors “Headsmart” Awareness Campaign

Amman, November 28, 2022: The King Hussain Cancer Foundation (KHCF), represented by its Director General, Mrs. Nisreen Qatamish, signed an agreement with Kingdom for Energy Investments Company (KEC), represented by its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ghaleb O. Sammak, under which the company will support KHCF’s “Headsmart” awareness campaign regarding brain cancer in children for a full year.

The campaign aims to educate both the society and non-oncologist doctors on the symptoms of brain cancer in children in order to facilitate faster diagnosis, thereby reducing complications and increasing their chances for recovery.

Symptoms that can indicate brain cancer in children include: abnormal head tilts, an increase in head circumference that is not appropriate for the child's age, frequent nausea and vomiting (usually not accompanied by a high temperature or diarrhea), Constant headache, imbalance and inability to walk properly, squint or eye flutter, and involuntary movements and convulsions, among other symptoms.

Mrs. Nisreen Qatamish commented on this agreement, saying, “We appreciate the support of KEC for this campaign, through which we hope to increase the survival rates of childhood brain cancer. Improving awareness and early detection and emphasizing the necessity of examining any unusual or unexplained symptoms early is crucial in reaching the most accurate diagnosis on time”.

From his side, Mr. Ghaleb O. Sammak said, “It pleases us at KEC to contribute in supporting the local society through our corporate social responsibility programs. KHCF was chosen as a partner in this field because we trust their efforts and their impact on the fight against cancer in Jordan”.

The King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) provides comprehensive care for children with brain tumors by a multidisciplinary team that includes experts in diagnostic radiology, therapeutic radiology, nerve tumors, neurosurgery, diagnostic histology, and other specialties according to the needs of each patient.