King Hussein Cancer Foundation Signs MoU with MedXJordan, Jordan’s Gateway to Medical and Wellness Tourism

Amman, August 2018: The King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) Director General Mrs. Nisreen Qatamish and Mr. Walid Tahabsem, President and CEO of (MedXJordan), Jordan’s Gateway to Medical and Wellness Tourism signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that lists the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) in MedXJordan’s comprehensive E-portal, dedicated to the development and promotion of medical and wellness tourism in the Kingdom, the first of its kind in this field.
MedXJordan demonstrates Jordan's advanced position as an ideal destination for medical and wellness tourism. It provides a comprehensive portal that offers inclusive information to anyone seeking treatment in Jordan, consequently enhancing the Kingdom’s national healthcare sector.
Through establishing public-private partnerships with key stakeholders to support the medical and wellness tourism sector, the Memorandum of Understanding between MedXJordan and KHCF was launched to facilitate the communication process between KHCC and patients from inside and outside the Kingdom. Through this portal, the medical services provided by the center and Jordan as a whole will be easily accessible, and via its user-friendly interface, KHCC’s already renowned world-class comprehensive treatment services can be showcased and communicated clearly.
Mrs. Nisreen Qatamish stated her contentment with this agreement, saying: "The cooperation between MedXJordan and KHCF manifests an integral step in this day and age where having access to online services is becoming crucial for everyone. This comes in line with our values at the King Hussein Cancer Center and Foundation, where we facilitate the process of patients getting treatment at the center, and making their experience as smooth and simple as we possibly can. More than ever now, we want to be accessible to every patient seeking world-class treatment in a familiar, Arab setting, which we cherish and take pride in.”

"What distinguishes MedXJordan is its wide-ranging customer service approach, providing the best solutions that facilitate the medical and wellness ecosystem as a reflection of the royal vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II, of creating a collaboration between the public and private sectors in terms of medical tourism.” Emphasized Mr. Walid Tahabsem. Mr. Walid also praised the technology-driven medical tourism portal MedXJordan as being the gateway to Jordan’s medical and wellness sector, aiming at micro-targeting patients globally.
Furthermore, MedXJordan aims to create a consolidated hub that provides comprehensive information to site visitors about Jordan as a medical tourism destination, which leads to enhancing patients’ experiences by integrating medical, wellness and concierge services through technology.