King Hussein Cancer Center Awarded with Certificate of Excellence (MAGNET) from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)

Amman, Jordan:  24th of April 2019

King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) added another accomplishment to their journey of remarkable achievements by attaining the (MAGNET) Recognition Certificate (certificate of excellence) from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). This accreditation provides an opportunity for the KHCC Nursing staff to advance their nursing career as well as prove their ability to provide high- quality patient care.

Dr. Asem Mansour, the Director General of KHCC stated that this new milestone is considered the highest and most prestigious recognition for nursing excellence, and is evidence of KHCC’s consistent progress in achieving better patient care outcomes, safer environments and the best quality of services provided to patients at KHCC.

Dr. Mansour summarized the final step of the MAGNET accreditation which included a 3- day field visit conducted by a team of international experts who reviewed the report on the performance of the nursing staff and services provided to patients at KHCC as it pertains to the objective of evaluating KHCC’s preparedness to receive the MAGNET recognition certificate.

Dr. Mansour emphasized this Magnet recognition will yield more experience and efficiency into the healthcare sector in Jordan. In addition, he pointed out that KHCC is the first oncology hospital outside of the United States of America (USA), to become a member of the (MAGNET) accreditation, noting that the only 8% of hospitals in the (USA) and 9 international healthcare institutions have received such recognition of excellence.

According to the Chief Nursing Officer, Dr. Majeda Al- Ruzzieh, achieving the membership of the (MAGNET) accreditation is the result of implementing a strict criterion for excellence in nursing services. The program focuses on the development of several objectives, of which the most important includes three objectives: raising the quality and level of provided healthcare, identifying points of excellence in nursing services provided to the patient as well as publishing the results of the finest research available in the field of nursing care.

In addition Dr. Majeda stated the commissioners fully reviewed the evaluation report, voted and decided to grant KHCC the membership of the certificate of excellence (MAGNET) on the 24th of April 2019.

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