Center for Drug Policy and Technology Assessment (CDPTA)

Informed Decisions………. Better Health Outcomes

The Center for Drug Policy and Technology Assessment (CDPTA) is a pioneering regional center providing hospital-based health technology assessment (HB-HTA) services, drug information, and pharmacovigilance services. CDPTA specializes in conducting economic evaluation assessments and Decision Analytical Modeling (DAM).

Meanwhile, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a “multidisciplinary process that uses explicit methods to determine the value of health technology at different points in its lifecycle. It aims to inform decision-making and promote an equitable, efficient, high-quality health system”. 

The CDPTA generates (HB-HTA) reports which include an assessment of the clinical effectiveness/ efficacy evidence, safety evidence, quality of life evidence, and economic evidence.

CDPTA Mission

To improve a rational selection and use of health technologies through applying HTA to generate evidence-based information to policymakers, health care providers, and patients, and maintain HTA capacity building within the Center. 

CDPTA Vision

To become a leading regional center providing HTA and drug information services recommendations to improve health outcomes.

CDPTA Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Passion
  • Continuous learning
  • Innovation and creativity 

Health Technology Assessment Fellowship Program (HTA-FB) 

The HTA Fellowship Program (HTA-FP) aims to build capacities for conducting health technology assessments and health economics. The program provides fellows with individualized post-graduate training to become independent HTA researchers.

For further information about HTA-FP, please refer to the published article entitled: “A capacity-building programme in health technology assessment for hospital pharmacists in a low- to middle-income country”.


  • Abeer A. Al-Rabayah, BSc Pharm, MBA, MSc (iHTA), PMP, Head, Center for Drug Policy and Technology Assessment
  • Rawan F. Alfroukh, Pharm.D, BCPS, MSc (Health Econ)
  • Razan Sawalha, BS Pharm, MSc (Health Econ)
  • Maha Dalbah, Pharm.D. BCOP 
  • Khader Habash, Pharm.D