KHCC Cancer Registry

The KHCC Cancer Registry systematically collects data about cancer patients treated at KHCC.  The database includes over 60,000 cases from June 2006 to present and has patient information in a specialized database, abstracted by cancer registrars from medical files.


Abstracted data includes general information about the patient, cancer identification and staging, treatment, and basic follow-up information such as their survival or mortality status.


Cancer registrars receive training through both courses and hands-on experience.  After two years, each registrar is required to sit for a certification exam administered by the National Cancer Registrars Association in the USA to become Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR).


The cancer registry is committed to ensuring the accuracy of its data because its data is used in activities and initiatives that aim to improve patient care.


Cancer Registry Annual Report

Physicians and researchers use cancer registry data for conducting research and for educational purposes. KHCC’s senior management also relies on cancer registry data for administrative and strategic purposes.


As such, the cancer registry publishes a report on an annual basis.  The definitions for each data item collected in the cancer registry are aligned with definitions provided in international standards such as: Cancer Registry Standards of the World Health Organization (WHO), The American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC), and Middle Eastern Cancer Consortium (MECC).


Partnerships and collaborations

The Cancer Registry regularly reports new cancer cases to the Jordanian National Cancer Registry/Ministry of Health.