Eligibility to donate

You can donate blood if you are:
·         In good health
·         In possession of a National ID number, or a Palestinian resident in Jordan with a valid Jordanian passport (without a nation number) 17 years of age.
·         At least 50 kg in weight
·         Not pregnant
You cannot donate blood if you:
·         Are under the age of 17, or weigh less than 50kg
·         Have had a tattoo or skin piercing within the past 6 months.
·         Have traveled in the past year, or resided in the past three years, in an area considered to be of high risk for malaria.
·         Have ever had cancer, other than basal cell carcinoma of the skin or in situ carcinoma of the cervix
·         Are a hemophiliac.
·         Have ever used intravenous (IV) illegal drugs, even once
·         Have ever had a positive test for the AIDS or hepatitis B or C viruses
·         Have been incarcerated (in jail, prison or a correctional institution) for more than 72 consecutive hours during the past 12 months
·         Have any of the following symptoms, which are associated with AIDS:
A.      Unexplained recent weight loss of more than 3 kg in less than two months
B.      Unexplained sweating, especially at night
C.      Fever higher than 38C° for more than a week
D.      Swollen glands; enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, armpit or groin, with or without pain
E.       Pink, blue or purple flat or raised spots or lumps on or under the skin and mucous membranes (they may look like bruises, but they don’t go away)
F.       White patches in the mouth (thrush)
G.      Persistent cough or shortness of breath
H.      Persistent diarrhea
·         You cannot donate platelets if you have taken aspirin within the past 48 hours
·         Post Donation:
After donating you sit in our waiting area, where you rest and eat a light snack. After 5-10 minutes, you can leave.
After your blood donation:
·         Drink extra fluids for the next day or two.
·         Avoid strenuous physical activity or heavy lifting for the next five hours.
·         If you feel lightheaded, lie down with your feet up until the feeling passes.
·         Keep the bandage on your arm for at least four to five hours.
If you have bleeding after removing the bandage, put pressure on the site and raise your arm for three to five minutes.