Yes. The King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) received an official “fatwa” (an Islamic declaration) declaring donations to support the infrastructure and the purchase of medical devices and equipment for KHCC as Sadaqah Jariah.

All donations made to the program are entirely allocated to the purchase of the devices and equipment required by KHCC, without any administrative deductions.

Any amount can be donated as Sadaqah Jariah (ongoing charity), or to support the annual Machinery Program campaign; wherein all donations received are directed to support the purchase of a device required by KHCC. If the donor chooses to make a donation to purchase a specific device from the annual list of machinery and equipment required by KHCC, the full value of this device must be donated.

The life span of each device depends on its type, functionality and use. If the donor has any inquiries about a specific device, he will be provided with all necessary information.

This depends on the type of the medical equipment, where the donor can visit KHCC and see some devices, provided that coordination is made in advance to determine the appropriate date for the visit, while taking into account several aspects including maintaining the privacy and safety of patients, in terms of avoiding infection transmission. In addition to the importance of making the visit when patients are not using the device. There are some medical devices or equipment that are difficult to display before the donor due to being constantly moved between departments at KHCC, such as: wheelchairs, and others.

Yes, KHCC can showcase the device’s specifications to the donor, taking into account aspects related to maintenance, warranty, and others, and directing them to the supplier who provides the designated device, which enables the donor to purchase and present it as an in-kind donation to KHCC. The donor can also donate a specific device, provided that it is evaluated by a specialized medical and technical team from KHCC, to ensure that the device matches required specifications, especially since large medical devices have particular specifications.

There are various ways to donate; either in cash, in the form of a bank cheque, or as a bank transfer. For more details, you can visit our KHCF main website or call us on the following numbers: +962 6 55 44 960 ext 138 or +962 795877886 Or by sending an email to