Cancer Care Membership Saved Rabab's Life

Four years ago during Ramadan, Rabab was planning to get some groceries with her husband as last minute preparations for a big meal she was preparing that night for her family to break their fast. Her guests that night included her children and grandchildren and she wanted to make it special for them. What happened next was a shock to everyone: when Rabab and her husband started their car, it suddenly hit the wall and the car fell into the valley in the spare land beside their house.
Rabab and her husband were taken to the hospital immediately and thankfully only suffered from light to moderate injuries. The next few days were stressful for them. Instead of focusing on their recovery, Rabab and her husband spent many hours trying to get their insurance company to agree to cover all the costs of the medical procedures and treatments that they had to get as a result of the accident. In the end, the insurance company only agreed to pay a small portion of these costs and to their disappointment, they had to pay the rest.
A year after the accident, Rabab started to feel tired and hot all the time. She didn’t take much notice of this in the beginning until her symptoms started getting worse. Her constant exhaustion led her to seek doctor after doctor to get some answers.
After visits to several doctors, one of them advised her to get an MRI scan right away. He was beginning to suspect there was a major cause behind her symptoms.
Rabab felt distressed, not because she had to take an MRI but because her past experience with insurance companies took a major toll on her emotional well-being. She didn’t want to have to go through the same, difficult process again just to get her insurance provider to agree to cover the cost of the MRI.  Despite her hesitance, Rabab went to a hospital covered by her insurance provider and was told that she had to wait a whole month before she could get an MRI.
Later that day, as Rabab was telling her husband about her concerns regarding insurance, he reminded her that they were also members of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation’s Cancer Care Program. Their entire family was enrolled, including their children and even their grandchildren, and Rabab’s husband made sure that they all regularly renewed their annual membership. He initially found out about Cancer Care through his place of employment, which had enrolled its employees in the Program. 
Rabab didn’t wait another moment. She headed straight to KHCC and only had to show her Cancer Care membership card to get an immediate MRI appointment. The MRI scan revealed a tumor in her right breast.
Rabab was shocked when she discovered that she had breast cancer, but she was determined to face her illness courageously. The doctors at KHCC devised a comprehensive treatment plan for her and she underwent a surgery to remove the tumor. The cancer was discovered in its early stage, and the surgery was enough to get rid of the tumor in its entirety; Rabab didn’t even have to take any chemotherapy. Not only did Rabab receive excellent care without having to endure a waiting period, Cancer Care also covered the costs of her treatment up to the coverage amount of her choice.
Today, Rabab still has to take regular medical tests to ensure that her body is still free of cancer, but her experience has led her to encourage all her relatives and friends to sign up with Cancer Care, not only to get top quality cancer treatment at KHCC, but to also help other patients by fund their treatment through their membership. 
This story was last updated in 2013