Your First Visit

Your First Visit
What to bring with you on your first appointment at KHCC:
Adult patients:
  • Medical report from the physician who treated and diagnosed you with cancer.
  • All recent X-rays and other imaging tests (preferably on CD or DVD). This may help our team to prevent subjecting patients to additional unnecessary images and/or testing.
  • Pathology reports and other material such as biopsy blocks and slides.
  • National ID (or passport for non-Jordanians)
A small fee, approximately JD 25, may be required for the first visit and the opening of a patient file.
Pediatric patients: The above requirements also apply to our pediatric patients, so if you are bringing your child in for treatment, please make sure to bring the above items for your child. Parents who are bringing their child in for an appointment must also bring parental identification papers with them.