What to Bring

What to Bring
What to bring for your stay at KHCC
Upon admission, you are encouraged to bring items that will help make you and/or your child more comfortable during your stay at KHCC.

For the safety of our patients, please note that bringing fresh flowers or live plants is not permitted. Food from outside the hospital is also not permitted, as it compromises the fragile immune system of our patients. If you have questions about what is appropriate to bring into the hospital, feel free to discuss all items with the clinic nurse who will be glad to provide you with the information along with the hospital rules & regulations.

Upon admission, the following list of items may be helpful:
  • Books, magazines, crossword puzzle books, playing cards
  • Hats, caps, turbans or scarves
  • Laptop or ipad (wireless internet is available in patient rooms)
  • Portable DVD player or mp3 player
  • Clothing to last 7–10 days
  • Robe and slippers
  • Extra supplies of prescription medications for anyone coming with the patient (be prepared for an extended stay, just in case)
  • Prescription medications for the patient
  • Personal items such as: a toothbrush, toothpaste, pajamas, slippers, a comb, shaving equipment if needed, and shampoo
If your child is the patient, the following items may also help:
  • A small number of comfort items for your child, such as a blanket or toys. (Only smooth-surfaced, easy-to-wash toys are allowed in inpatient rooms. If your child needs a small blanket or cloth toy for comfort, discuss this with your KHCC doctor. If allowed, these items will need regular washing.)
  • Photographs of family, friends and pets to help your child cope with homesickness
  • Coloring books and drawing paper
  • Any school work or homework that needs to be completed if your child feels well enough. The Back To School Program  at KHCC can help pediatric patients stay on track with schooling while receiving treatment.
Social workers and volunteers are usually present to spend time playing and talking with our pediatric patients, to help take their mind off treatment and put them at ease.
For chemotherapy protocols in the outpatient clinic, the following items may be helpful:
  • Coloring books and drawing paper
  • Laptop or ipad
  • Portable DVD player or mp3 player
  • School books or homework to complete while receiving chemotherapy