Thyroid Cancer MDC

All newly diagnosed thyroid cancer patients at KHCC are first seen in the combined thyroid clinic where they will undergo an extensive initial evaluation and work-up. The patient is then referred to the thyroid cancer multidisciplinary clinic for further treatment. Other than the combined thyroid clinic, patients are usually referred from other multidisciplinary clinics and departments at KHCC in addition to direct referrals from outside KHCC.
Treatment for thyroid cancer patients almost always includes surgery as an initial course of treatment followed by radioactive iodine therapy. Some patients may need radiation therapy however that is a rare occurrence. Thyroid cancer patients do not usually receive chemotherapy. Iodine therapy may affect the fertility of some male patients, especially if they receive more than two doses. In such cases, the MDC team usually recommends sperm banking before starting treatment.
Thyroid cancer treatment at KHCC is unique in combining the comprehensive care of a multidisciplinary team with the expertise of its nuclear medicine department in radioactive iodine therapy. In fact, the Iodine Room at KHCC is the only one in the country accredited by the Jordan Nuclear Commission.
Who’s on the MDC team?
Ancillary and patient support services
After surgery, some thyroid cancer patients may need to see a speech therapist, who works in close cooperation with the MDC team to provide patients with the most comprehensive care possible.