Second Opinion

Second Opinion
Seeking a second opinion:
  • One of the most common reasons people seek another opinion is to verify that the cancer diagnosis is correct.
  • Individuals also look for other opinions to help them choose among their doctor’s suggested treatments, learn about new ones, or investigate clinical trials.
  • Since some cancer therapies can have long-lasting side effects (including infertility or changes in physical appearance), the benefits of a specific treatment must always be weighed against the risks.
  • Gathering as much information as possible about the disease can help patients make decisions about what treatments will be most effective and compatible with their lifestyles.
Seeking a second opinion outside KHCC:
  • It is the right of any patient to get a second opinion.
  •  Most doctors, especially cancer specialists, understand the need for making informed, confident treatment choices, and encourage patients to get second opinions.
  • Doctors are accustomed to supplying their patients with the names of other health care professionals and do not become insulted or defensive when asked for recommendations.
  • Second opinions allow people to feel confident that their doctor’s advice is truly the best option for them.
Seeking a second opinion at KHCC:
  • The Center enables patients and treating physicians from outside KHCC to benefit from the excellent knowledge of KHCC staff by consulting them on diagnosed cancer cases.
  • Clinically, patients can be seen in any of the various specialty clinics where their cases are studied by physicians who will give their expert opinions on the diagnosis and plan of treatment.
  • This can be coordinated through the Patients’ Affairs Office. Alternatively, your physician may contact an oncologist at KHCC directly and arrange for a visit.
Contact us
  • To confirm a diagnosis: contact the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at (+962-6) 53 00 460.
  • To review radiology procedures, scans and imaging: the Radiology Department offers a second opinion consultation service. Call (+962-6) 53 00 460 ext. 1079.
  • To get a second opion on specialized isotope scans and treatment: contact the Nuclear Medicine Department at (+962-6) 53 00 460.