Sarcoma MDC

The sarcoma multidisciplinary clinic (MDC) treats patients diagnosed with bone or soft tissue tumors as well as some rare skin sarcomas. All 52 types of sarcomas are treated at KHCC.
Even though sarcomas are very rare tumors that affect both pediatric and adult age groups, physicians on the MDC team are experts in diagnosing and treating sarcoma. We offer patients a review of their pathology samples by experienced pathologists in sarcoma as well as accurate reading of radiological images by expert radiologists in musculoskeletal disorders. The final management plan is drawn by a team of 15 members dedicated to following and implementing the standard of care in the sarcoma field.
The patient is usually referred to the MDC after the initial assessment and evaluation by the treating physician. Once a patient is accepted to the sarcoma MDC, the treating physician will present the case to the MDC panel. The patient’s pathology samples and radiology results are carefully reviewed and relevant questions will be asked about the case, upon which a treatment plan is decided. 
Who’s on the MDC team?
 Ancillary and patient support services
The sarcoma MDC works in close cooperation with social workers, psychiatrists and physiotherapists in order to give sarcoma patients the most comprehensive care possible.