Psychosocial Services

The Psychosocial Oncology Program at KHCC aims to improve the quality of life for patients and their families by addressing and managing all psychosocial complications of cancer distress.
What the psychosocial team at KHCC does:
  • Work closely with physicians and nurses at KHCC to help them understand and better manage patients with depression and other psychological problems that may be related to their cancer.
  • Help provide treatment for patients with an inability to cope with their stress and guide them through the emotional downfalls of the treatment process.
  • Active in research and looking for new ways to continually improve the service and the patient outcomes in the psychosocial arena.
  • Provide active clinic and consult services.
Our expertise
Clinical social workers at KHCC screen patients using a “distress thermometer” to determine the extent to which a patient needs counseling and support.  Based on this initial assessment, patients might need further evaluation and they will be referred to mental health services.
Psychosocial Oncology Program services:
  1. Social work services
Clinical social workers help find accommodation and transportation for outpatients and assist patients in managing their medical needs and financial coverage.
Social work services at KHCC encompass:
  • screening and assessment of patients
  • counseling
  • patient family education
  • discharge planning
  • referral services
  • advocacy.
There are also community social work services that are designed to bring together patients to share their feelings and exchange information in a supportive atmosphere with participation from the community and health care professionals such as:
2.   Mental health services
Mental health services provided by the Psychosocial Department include:
  • psychiatric
    • thorough psychiatric interview
    • psychiatric interventions (if necessary)
  • psychological
    • cognitive or behavioral therapy
    • crises and supportive interventions
    • play therapy and music therapy
    • relaxation exercises
  • developmental psychology
  • child life specialty
  • back-to-school services.
Department Structure
The Psychosocial Program is structured into 3 major divisions:
1. Mental health division:
  • Psychiatric unit
  • Psychology and psychotherapy unit
2. Social work division:
  • Clinical social work
  • Community-based support and program
3. Pediatric psychosocial oncology services:
  • Clinical social works
  • Support and programs –community based
  • Psychiatry and psychotherapy
  • Developmental psychology
  • Play services, therapeutics and entertainment
Department Staff
There are more than 30 professionals currently working in the psychosocial program at KHCC.