Prostate Tests

What are prostate tests?
Prostate tests are early detection examinations for prostate cancer. They include:
  • PSA blood test. This simple blood test tests for prostate-specific antigen (PSA), which is a substance released by the prostate gland. Most healthy men have levels under 4 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) of blood, but if the PSA level is over 4, then it may be a sign of prostate cancer.
  • Digital rectal exam. In this exam, doctors feel the prostate gland for any signs of cancer. It is usually taken in conjunction with a PSA blood test because it can sometimes find cancers in men with normal PSA levels. This exam is not painful and takes a short amount of time.
Why is it important to take prostate tests?
Prostate tests can help doctors determine if there are any early signs of prostate cancer. When prostate cancer is detected early, treatment is more effective and the chances of survival are much higher.
When should I start getting prostate tests?
It is recommended that men start getting prostate tests once they reach the age of 50.
How should I prepare for prostate tests?
There are no special preparations for these tests, however:
  • To prevent getting the wrong result, avoid having sex a day before getting a PSA test (sexual intercourse can temporarily raise the levels of PSA in your blood).
  • Tell your doctor if you are on any medication for your prostate as this can affect the way your doctor interprets the results of your PSA test.
How often should I get these tests?
We recommend that you take prostate tests once a year. It helps to pick one month (such as the month of your birthday) and schedule all your annual early detection tests during that month, so that it is easy to remember when you need to take them.
How much do prostate tests cost?
A PSA test at the KHCC Early Detection Unit costs JD 12 (JD 9.60 for Cancer Care Program members).
Have a look at our price chart for a complete list of early detection exams offered at our Early Detection Unit.
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