Patient Companion Policy

A family member or caregiver is permitted to stay with you at the Center, provided the treating physician gives their consent.
  • Companion must be over 18 years of age.
  • The equivalent of 25% of the applicable room rate applies, around a fee of JD 20 per night but this may change according to the patient’s room type.
  • The following  patients are allowed to have one companion with them free of charge:
                 - Pediatric ward patientsmust  have a companion with them at all times
                 - Pediatric ICU patients at the discretion of the attending physician
                 - Patients in the VIP ward
                 - Adult and pediatric patients in the BMT unit
                 - Hospice unit patients
  • Companions must agree to wear a special identification wrist band at all times while in the Center
  • Companions in double occupancy rooms must be of the same sex as the patients