Nursing Units

Our KHCC nursing staff consists of highly qualified registered nurses (RNs) and license practical nurses (LPNs) who apply a patient-centered approach throughout the nursing process to deliver high quality care. Our nurses are not just highly trained in providing nursing services, but are trained to deal with the various emotional and psychological issues that can affect patients and their families during cancer treatment. In addition, continuing education keeps our staff up-to-date and enables them to respond to each patient’s needs and easily adopt any new technology in health care systems.
Our nurses work under one of the following services:
·         Critical Care Units
·         Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit
·         Pediatric  Unit
·          Medical Unit
·         Leukemia Unit
·         Surgical Unit
·         Operating Room Unit
·         Palliative and Hospice Care Unit
·         Outpatient Adult Clinics
·         Emergency Room (ER)
·         Endoscopy Unit
·         Radiotherapy Unit
·         Radiology Unit
·         Venous Access Device Team
·         Pain Team
·         Home Care Team