Our history
Understanding the evolution of oncology nursing at KHCC since the time of its establishment provides perspective on the origins of current successes, and enables the development of future plans and strategies toward excellence in providing nursing care for patient with cancer.
From 2003 to 2006, the main goal for nursing services was ensuring appropriate staffing levels throughout KHCC. During this time, strategic initiatives were directed to developing nursing policies and procedures. After receiving the Joint Commission Accreditation Award in 2006, nursing services focused on developing a nursing culture of total quality improvement. A high nurses' turnover rate and retention efforts were, and remain, challenging. The lure of higher nursing salaries from neighboring countries in the Gulf region continues as the main factor for this nursing turnover.
From 2008 to present, nursing moved toward a new era of practice, recognizing nurse achievements and focusing on retention by encouraging the culture of professional excellence and quality care. This began with nurse leaders and the direct care nurses having mutual input in patient care related decisions. In 2009, KHCC decided to seek Magnet status. This decision was two- fold. It continued KHCC's nursing commitment to excellence and quality, and also helped in retaining experienced nurses by improving the work environment through having direct care nurses participate in decision-making in issues related to patient care and the work environment. 
In this section, you can read more about the Nursing Department's services, quality and patient safety initiatives, research activities, strategic plans and its journey to Magnet excellence.