Library E-portal

The KHCC Library has established an online portal to ensure that KHCC staff has easy access to all updated medical information, research and literature round the clock and accessible from their office, clinic or home PC and laptops.

The e-library contains over 4,500 eBooks, journals and research papers. It is only currently only accessible to KHCC staff and can be accessed through the following link
Here is an overview of what it includes:
Provider/company Available resources 
Springer eJournals ,EBooks ,Images. Protocols 
Ovid eJournals, eBooks, Nursing at Ovid ,Cochrane Database 
Nature BMT 
Elsevier  eJournals
MD Consult  eJournals ,Clinics of North America ,Books ,CME, Images, Drugs  ,Handouts  
Free Resources  Hinari, Cure4Kids, Scholar Google, PubMed