KHCF Global Work

KHCF Global Work
Why global work?
As part of its efforts in combating cancer in Jordan, regionally and internationally, the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) has become increasingly active in the global fight against cancer, working with the top international cancer organizations and participating in most major international conferences on the topics of non-communicable diseases in general and cancer in particular.
Our global work helps us to:
Put the King Hussein Cancer Center on the map as the leading, internationally-recognized center of excellence in Jordan and the region. KHCC is the only center in the developing world and just the sixth worldwide to be awarded the Joint Commission International Clinical Care Program Certificate for its Oncology Program.
Build partnerships with the top cancer hospitals and organizations worldwide. These partnerships directly and indirectly have a positive impact on our patients, enabling us to continue offering the top medical cancer care in the region and embracing our patients with the loving care they need.
Network for grants and donations through contacts made with regional and international agencies, corporations and organizations. Through its global work, KHCF is able to expand its network and lobby support which in turn leads to additional grants and donations to support our life-saving mission. 
Be the voice of the developing world lobbying the global community for additional support as countries struggle under the double burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases. Harnessing this support, results in a positive impact, not only on Jordan but on the region as a whole.
Act as a role model for the developing world, showing that when countries take responsibility and put the structure and systems in place, quality international care can be achieved. Thus, KHCF is a model of what is doable, even in the context of a resource-poor a low or middle income country.
All KHCF’s global work ultimately builds credibility for the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center as the regional center of excellence in cancer care, the medical hub in the region and a reference for neighboring countries and others in the developing world.