KHCC Summer Camp

KHCC Summer Camp
About the program
The KHCC Summer Camp began in 2003, and since then has been an annual event that our youngest patients eagerly look forward to. This two-month outdoor recreational program, held annually in the summer at KHCC, gives our pediatric outpatients a chance to take part in fun-filled activities in a safe environment with family and friends, and a chance to enjoy simply being kids.
Summer camp activities include:
  • Creating arts and crafts
  • Playing on swings and slides
  • Playing with clowns
  • Face painting
  • Dancing and singing to music
  • Outings
  • Entertainment and educational shows
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How you can help
1. Sponsor the KHCC Summer Camp. We have many recognition elements for corporate sponsors.
2. Support the KHCC Summer Camp through:
  • Entertainment activities
  • Field trips
  • Donating snacks or meals for Camp participants
  • Donating giveaways or gifts to Camp participants
  • Supplying balloons and other arts and crafts material
  • Supplying transportation for outings and field trips
  • Providing photography for Camp activities
Contact us
To donate to or sponsor the KHCC Summer Camp, or if you would like more information:
Tel: + (962-6) 55 44 960 ext: 252 / 355