International Patients Office

International Patients Office
KHCC‘s International Patients Office welcomes and caters to patients from all over the world seeking treatment at KHCC.
Our international patients prefer to come to KHCC for treatment for the following reasons:
  • Language and cultural similarities make it more convenient for Arab patients to receive their treatment in Jordan.
  • Central location of Jordan in the Arab world makes it a referral country where state-of-the-art medicine is provided in comfortable proximity.
  • Standard protocols of treatment: At KHCC, we treat our patients under standard protocols that are based on internationally approved standards, just like other top hospitals in Europe or the USA.
  • International accreditation: KHCC's JCI accreditation ensures that its quality of patient care is up to internationally acclaimed standards.
About the International Patients' Office:
The mission of the International Patients' Office is to assist patients with their consultations, and any needs or concerns they may have about being treated at KHCC.
  • International patients seeking treatment at KHCC:
    • Need to fax or email their medical reports to the International Office, who will forward them to KHCC physicians for review.
    • The reports are reviewed within 48-72 hours and the Office will notify the applicant within a maximum of two or three working days and give them an approximate cost of treatment. 
  • International patients who are accepted for treatment at KHCC:
    • Once an international patient is accepted, a representative from the International Patients Office will accompany the patient and their family in order to guide them through the medical process and make sure that they have everything they need.
    • The International Patients Office also arranges affordable accommodation for them near KHCC.
    • We know your time is valuable, so the International Patients Office strives to coordinate medical appointments as close to each other as possible.
  • International patients seeking accommodation close to KHCC:
    • The International Patients Office also handles any documentation related to the patient’s stay, such as coordinating with the Ministry of Interior to renew visas and arrange visa fee exemptions (if applicable).
The International Patients Office Procedures:
All international patients' requests will be handled through the international patients' office by the following procedures:
  1. The International Patients Office will request full medical reports to be sent by fax or by email or in person if the patient is already in Jordan.
  2. The International Patients Office will send the medical reports with a cover page  to the concerned physician after consulting with the screening clinic
  3. The physician will send the decision to the international patients' office.
  4. The International Patients Office will contact the patients for arrangement.