Inpatient Services

Critical Care Units
1.  Adult Intensive Care Unit: This 12 bed unit is specialized in providing comprehensive care for critically ill adult patients with cancer
2.  Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: This 6 bed unit is specialized in providing comprehensive care for patients up to 18 years old critically ill with cancer
Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit
 The BMT Unit consists of 15 beds and provides an inpatient service primarily to both pediatric and adult patients with a haematological malignancy in addition to some nonmalignant disorders.
Pediatric Unit
This 35 bed unit provides age-specific care for patients from infancy to 18 years old who have cancer.
Medical Unit
The Medical Unit has 31 beds and provides care to adult oncology patients requiring cancer treatment including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery as well as symptoms management of cancer and cancer treatment- related complications, and management of oncologic emergencies. 
Leukemia Unit
The 16-bed Leukemia Unit provides care to adult patients with all types of leukemia (ALL, CLL, AML and CML). Most patients admitted to this unit for treatment of Neutropenic Fever or for chemotherapy administration.
Surgical Unit
The 25-bed Surgical Unit provides care for pre-operative patients with cancer extending to recovery and post-operative care.
Operating Room Unit
The Operating Room Unit consists of 4 operating rooms and provides specialized care for both adult and pediatric patients with cancer who need to undergo elective or emergency surgical procedures.
Palliative and Hospice Care Unit
Palliative care is dedicated to the care and comfort of seriously ill patients and their families, the goal is to maximize a patient’s comfort while providing appropriate nursing care in end of life stage. KHCC’s Palliative Care Unit has 8 beds.