Guide to KHCC

Guide to KHCC
At the King Hussein Cancer Center, we strive to maintain an environment that is both warm and friendly. We like to welcome our patients, their families and friends with a smile and a helping hand. Our staff at the information desk is more than happy to guide you where you have to go. Our security employees are there to protect you and lend a helping hand when needed.
The comfort of our patients and visitors is very important to us. To help ease stress and tension, we try to have various amenities available for our patients and their visitors. Comfortable chairs are available in designated waiting areas and the cafeteria is open for long hours, stocked with snacks and beverages that may be enjoyed in your room or in the cafeteria. Meals are clean, hot and tasty and prepared from scratch by our team of outstanding chefs.
One thing that you will notice when you enter KHCC is the cleanliness of our facilities. KHCC has staff who work around the clock to maintain the cleanliness of our facilities and to ensure the health and comfort of our patients and visitors.
Smoking is absolutely prohibited within the boundaries of KHCC. Safety is also a high priority at KHCC and precautions to prevent patients’ falls and accidents are taken throughout our hospital, starting at the stairs and ending at bed side. Instructions to handle fire and other emergencies are clearly evident within the facility.
KHCC is a very busy hospital, but we never forget the human nature of our work. We work hard to serve our patients and their families to the best of our abilities.