Frequently Asked Questions by International Patients:
  • What documents will you need from me?
    • Full medical reports, not more than 30 days old, from your physician stating all the treatments or any medical procedures that you underwent.
    • Pathology results
    • Imaging reports for x-rays, MRIs, CT scans or any other imaging tests
    • We ask that all reports and information be provided in English.
  • How can I arrange for a second opinion (consultation) at KHCC? 
    • You will need to send us your complete medical history, along with any applicable x-ray films and laboratory test results.
    • Once our medical team has reviewed your medical history, we will contact you about the recommended method of treatments and whether it is advisable for it to be at KHCC or not.
  • What about the cost of treatment?
    • The only way to obtain a confirmed treatment plan and cost is by being examined in person at KHCC.
  • Can you help with an entrance visa to Jordan?
    • If you need a visa to enter Jordan, we can provide you with the required letters to submit to the Jordanian embassy in your country. This will assist you in obtaining a visa for medical treatment.
  • How can I contact the International Patients Office?
    • You can easily contact us through the following ways:
    • Tel: (+962-6) 53 00 460 ext. 3103/3104
    • Fax: (+962-6) 53 42 567
    • Email: international@khcc.jo
We are ready to assist you with any other questions or concerns you may have about your visit to the King Hussein Cancer Center, including:
  • Answering any questions or concerns about your treatment and care
  • Clarifying medical center policies
  • Bridging the gap if you feel that your expectations are not being met
  • Serving as a formal grievance mechanism for you and family, if need be