Coin Collection

Coin Collection
About the program
Since its inception in 2005, the Coin Collection Program has become one of the most visible fundraising initiatives at KHCF. Success has been phenomenal and the public response outstanding.
The public can donate their loose change in the KHCF coin collection boxes, placed throughout local establishments in and around Amman and other governorates.  
The Coin Collection Program is a strictly monitored program. KHCF has contracted with Brinks to collect boxes from their various locations. Sealed boxes are transported to the bank where they are opened and counted by a committee of bank and KHCF employees in front of security cameras. Every box is numbered and tracked. KHCF also has staff members devoted to regulating and maintaining the cash boxes, as well as communicating with participating companies on a regular basis.
How you can help
You can help the Coin Collection Program in one of two ways:
  1. Donate your small change in KHCF coin collection boxes when you see them
  2. If you're a business owner, place coin collection boxes at your premises in a visible location and encourage your customers to contribute to the cause
Contact us
For details on how to join and support the Coin Collection program:
Tel: (+962-6) 55 44 960 extension 237