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Consultant, Intensive Care Medicine
Assistant Member
Consultant, Anesthesiologist
Instructor Member, Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management
Director General
Chairman, Department of Diagnostic Radiology
Consultant, Diagnostic Radiologist
Associate Member
Consultant, Oral Surgeon/ Maxillo-Facial Prosthodontist
Chief, Section of Oral Surgery and Restorative Dentistry
Assistant Member, Department of Surgery
Consultant, Medical Oncology
Instructor Member
Consultant, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Instructor, Department of Pediatrics
Consultan, Surgical Oncologist
Consultant, Urology Oncologic Surgery

Assistant Member, Department of Surgery

Consultant, Hematology/Oncology
Head of Lymphoma Multidisciplinary Clinic
Associate Member, Department of Internal Medicine
Chief, Department of Nuclear Medicine
Assistant Member, Department of Nuclear Medicine
Consultant, Surgeon
Head, Orthopedic Oncology Unit
Assistant Member, Department of Surgery
Consultan, Radiation Oncology
Department of Radiation Oncology
Consultant, Gastroenterology & Endoscopy
Chairman, Department of Radiation Oncology
Head, Neuro-oncology, Pediatric Radiation Oncology, Stereotactic X-Knife & Total Body Irradiation services
Head, Neuro-oncology Program
Associate Member, Department of Radiation Oncology 
Consultant, Diagnostic Radiology
Consultant, Radiation Oncology
Instructor, Department of Radiation Oncology 
Chairman, Department of Cell Therapy and Applied Genomics
Full Member, Department of Cell Therapy and Applied Genomics