Abdallah Defeats his Brain Tumor

When Abdallah first exhibited symptoms of an unrelenting headache, vomiting and nausea, his mother reached for her usual remedy for such ailments; two Panadol pills and a warm cup of sage tea. However, as the 15 year-old’s symptoms started to worsen, his father intervened, insisting that he take Abdallah with him to the hospital lab where he works to run some tests.
Abdallah’s test results were all within the normal range, but his condition continued to deteriorate, so his father requested an endoscopy and a stomach biopsy. Once again, the results were all normal. Looking at his son, Abdallah’s father began to fear the worst.  
Only a few days later, Abdallah’s father witnessed his son’s stumbling, unbalanced gait as he made his way to the bathroom. He waited long minutes for his son to emerge, only to find him unconscious on the bathroom floor, pale as a ghost. 
An MRI confirmed his father’s fears; Abdallah had a malignant brain tumor called medulloblastoma. He underwent immediate surgery and 85% of the tumor was successfully removed. Unfortunately, due to its delicate position, the rest of the tumor could not be surgically removed and needed radiation therapy and chemotherapy in order to be eradicated.
This is when Abdallah and his family turned to the King Hussein Cancer Center, knowing it was their best chance for a cure. However, as the sole provider for a family of ten, Abdallah’s father could not afford the exorbitant treatment costs that were required to save his son’s life.
Filled with worry at the prospect of not being able to secure the needed funds, Abdallah’s family turned to the King Hussein Cancer Foundation for help. Thankfully, the Foundation arranged to cover Abdallah’s full treatment costs, which amounted to over JD 42,000, through the Goodwill Fund and Zakat Fund, which were established by the Foundation to help cover the treatment costs of unprivileged patients at the Center. Abdallah’s father was elated and full of relief; with the financial burden lifted, his son now had the best possible chance of fighting the disease.
Over the next few years, Abdallah underwent a long and intensive treatment, during which he suffered many side effects but endured with courage. He persevered in his battle with cancer and successfully finished his treatment.
Even though he spent half his teenage years battling cancer, Abdallah is now a bright, active 18 year-old young man. He still has to visit the Center every month for post-treatment follow-up, but through it all, he remains strong and full of hopes and dreams for the future. 
This story was last updated in 2013