Why Choose KHCC

Why Choose KHCC
Most prominent cancer center in the region
To date, we are the only center in the developing world to have earned accreditation from the Joint Commission International for our oncology care program. Our main goal is to offer our patients the best and latest cancer treatment available to alleviate their suffering and that of their families.
We treat patients using a multi-specialist team approach
Our approach is based on a multidisciplinary team approach, which means that treatment options are discussed and decided by not just one, but a whole team of dedicated experts. Our teams of doctors from different specialties consider each option carefully and decided on the most effective treatment method for each patient.
Our patients receive the most medically advanced treatment
Patients at KHCC receive the most medically advanced treatment with the latest international protocols. Our medical teams use a unified treatment protocol for each type of cancer, so that at any one point during the treatment of a cancer patient, the entire medical team knows the plan of management. This reduces confusion and helps the treatment process flow smoothly.
Highly-qualified oncologists and healthcare professionals specialized in treating all types of cancer
Our doctors and healthcare professionals have a lot of experience in treating all types of cancer, even rare types. Our staff comes from a variety of educational backgrounds; both local and international, ensuring that the services provided are state-of-the-art. When further steps are needed in the treatment or evaluation of cases, telemedicine and telesynergy is used to communicate medical issues with our world-renowned partners such as St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Sick Children’s Hospital.
We understand that cancer patients need well-rounded care
At KHCC, we understand that cancer treatment is more than just taking medications and making it to appointments on time. The most effective cancer treatment does not just include treating the patient physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually, as cancer is a very emotional disease that can take its toll on patients and their families. For these reasons, we have full-time teams of physical therapists, nutritionists, psychologists and social workers to help our patients deal with their cancer and enhance their quality of life during and after treatment.
One of the best bone marrow transplant programs in the Middle East
Our bone marrow transplant (BMT) program achieves cure rates comparable with international standards. It oversees both matched allogenic and autologous transplants, and also performs transplants utilizing cord blood, making it the only program in Jordan and the second in the region to offer such a highly specialized procedure. Other non-cancer cases are also treated through the KHCC BMT program, including thalassemia, aplastic anemia and other metabolic diseases.
We are internationally accredited
In our ongoing pursuit of excellence, we have received numerous international accreditations from local and international quality evaluators, so that our patients can rest assured that we are providing the best quality comprehensive cancer care in the region.
We focus on all stages of comprehensive cancer care
We have established programs that focus on all stages of comprehensive cancer care: from prevention and early detection through diagnosis, treatment and palliative care. 
 New cancer patients per year  3,500 +
 Total outpatient visits  110,000 +
 No. of oncologists and consultants  200
 No. of nurses trained specifically in oncology  617
 No. of bone marrow transplants (BMT) per year   120
 No. of operating rooms  6
 No. of intensive care unit beds  18*
 No. of pharmacists  82
*12 of which are specialized for adults and 6 for pediatric