Pediatric Services

The Pediatric Oncology department at KHCC is responsible for the treatment of all patients under age 18 diagnosed with cancer and caters to the unique needs of children with cancer. New patients may walk in or are referred from other hospitals. Our staff holds regular meetings to discuss patients with different specialists, including surgeons, radiologists and radiation oncologists.
The Pediatric Department has strong ties with international institutions. Our team meets regularly with oncologists at St. Jude hospital in the US and Sick Children’s hospital in Canada, two of the top children’s hospitals in the world, to discuss difficult cases. Supportive services, including pain management and nutrition play a major role in delivering the best care. A play therapist and a psychologist also work closely with our department to ensure the delivery of the best quality of life to our patients during treatment and after finishing their therapy.
Pediatric oncology at KHCC is divided into further sub-specialty services so that patients can receive the most focused, comprehensive care from experts for their particular disease:
  • Leukemia service
  • Lymphoma service
  • Brain tumors service
  • Solid tumors service
  • Benign hematology service
  • Ocular oncology Service
  • Pediatric Pain Management and Palliative Care Program
  • After-Treatment Clinic
Who’s on the team?
Ancillary and patient support services
The Pediatric Oncology team works in close cooperation with the pain management department, physical therapists, nutritionists, and psychosocial services at KHCC in order to provide patients with the most comprehensive care possible.