New Expansion

New Expansion
Demand for top quality cancer care in the region is growing, and we are growing with it.
As more and more families count on KHCC for top quality cancer care that they cannot find anywhere else in the region, the Center was stretched to its limits and working at full capacity. In order to absorb the rising number of patients, KHCC needed to expand.
Why was there an urgent need for expansion?
The current infrastructure for cancer care in Jordan will not be sufficient to treat Jordanian cancer patients in the coming decade. The number of new cancer cases in Jordan is on the rise and expected to grow at a higher rate than population growth by 2020. We need to be prepared for this eventuality by having the adequate infrastructure in place.
Additionally, an increasing number of patients from GCC countries come to Jordan to seek treatment at KHCC due to its medical excellence, lower costs, and cultural and language similarities. KHCC also accepts many underprivileged patients from conflict countries such as Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Sudan who would not otherwise be able to receive the life-saving cancer treatment they need.
What does the expansion consist of?
The King Hussein Cancer Center expansion consists of an inpatient tower and outpatient building that doubled the capacity of the existing Center and provides improved, integrated space for patient care, research and education.These new technologically cutting-edge facilities enables us to be the main medical hub in the Middle East for comprehensive cancer treatment and care.
The 13-floor Inpatient Tower  have:
  • 179 additional patient beds (single occupancy rooms)
  • An expanded Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy Unit
  • An expanded Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit
  • Adult and Pediatric Speciality ICUs
  • Floors specifically dedicated to pediatric patient wards
  • Floors specifically dedicated to adult patient wards
In addition to specialized outpatient clinics, the 10-floor Outpatient Building have:
  • The first public cord bank in Jordan
  • The Khalid Shoman Educational Center and Auditorium. This comprehensive educational center includes a skills lab, seminar rooms, a physician’s library and a social interactive lounge.
  • Dedicated spaces for women and children, including a Women’s Health Center and an extensive pediatric section to cope with the rising number of pediatric cancer cases.
  •  A cutting- edge Cell Therapy and Applied Genomics Department, including state-of-the-art stem cell labs to raise the research capacity of the Center
How many patients will you be able to treat with the new expansion?
The new expansion doubled the capacity of KHCC, which was operating at full capacity. It allows us to offer double the amount of bone marrow transplants to meet the rise in demand for treatment. In addition, the new expansion houses more ICUs so that we can continue to offer highly specialized, around-the-clock care.
Current Center
New Expansion
Current Center +New Expansion
 Number of beds
 New cancer cases
 Inpatient admissions
 Outpatient visits
 Bone Marrow  Transplants
 Specialized ICUs
 Total space
 24,000 sqm
 84,700 sqm
 108,700 sqm
When was it completed?
In 2011, we broke ground on the construction of the new expansion. It was officially inaugurated on September 13 2017.
Where is it located?
The new KHCC Inpatient Tower and Outpatient Building is located right across from the existing Center on Queen Rania Al Abdullah Street in Amman, near the University of Jordan.
How can I help support this project?
Given that the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center is a nonprofit institution, we rely almost entirely on support from our institutional, corporate and individual donors to make this project a reality. There are several ways you can help support the expansion of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center:
1. Naming and Recognition Program: Contribute a set financial amount and name a building, floor, area or room in your name or the name of a loved one. Email or call (+962-6) 55 44 960 for more information on the Naming Program
2. KHCC Wish List: Help fund the purchase of life-saving machinery and equipment for the new expansion through our priority wish list. Email or call us at (+962-6) 55 44 960 for a list of needed machinery.
3. Sadaqah Jariyah: On January 8, 2011 a delegation of Muftis from the Jordan Ifta Council visited the King Hussein Cancer Center. The Muftis toured the Center and also learned about the construction of the new facilities. After careful consideration by the Jordan Ifta Council, the Foundation received its second Fatwa (Fatwa number 628/0/3/2 dated July 7, 2011) from the Jordanian Fatwa Council qualifying any donations made towards the construction of the Center’s new facilities as Sadaqa Jariya.This donation can be any amount. Call us at (+962-6) 55 44 960 if you would like to contribute your sadaqah to the KHCC expansion.
4. General Donation: You can make a general donation to the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and specify that you would like your donation to be directed towards the KHCC expansion. You can make the donation in person at our offices in Um Utheinah, or donate online on our secure website.
Or Contact us:
Local Development Department
Phone Number: +96265544960 Ext 357
Phone Number: +96265544960 Ext 307/ 311/ 304
International Development Department
Phone Number: +96265544960 Ext 255
With the new expansion and with your support, we can continue to provide unparalleled treatment, services and comprehensive care to patients of all ages and backgrounds in our region in a safe and healing environment.