Myeloma MDC

The myeloma multidisciplinary clinic treats patients diagnosed with myeloma and offers treatment as well as palliative measures. Myeloma is incurable, but like diabetes, it can be managed and controlled.
Patients are usually referred to the MDC after the initial assessment and evaluation by the treating physician, or through direct admission from other hospitals. Once the patient is accepted to the MDC, their treating physician will present the case to the MDC panel. The patient’s pathology samples and radiology results are carefully reviewed and relevant questions will be asked about the case, upon which a comprehensive treatment plan is decided. Patients who are under 65 years of age and are potential candidates for a BMT transplant are referred to the BMT clinic.
Myeloma is an extremely difficult disease to diagnose, so accurate reviews of pathological samples and radiology tests are very important.  The myeloma clinic also ensures that the latest treatment protocol is followed. Some myeloma patients who come to KHCC may experience extreme difficulty in walking. With the right treatment plan, most patients can recover well and have no further difficulty in walking. In addition, due to the bone fragility of myeloma patients, patients often get spinal fractures, which can be treated here at KHCC through a procedure called kyphoplasty. This procedure is not available at many hospitals. Younger patients are usually good candidates for bone marrow transplants, and KHCC has very good experience in myeloma BMTs.
Who’s on the MDC team?
Dr. Sameer Yaser Abdullah- Head of Myeloma MDC
Ancillary and patient support services
The myeloma clinic works in close cooperation with the pain and palliative team, radiation oncologists, orthopedic surgeons and BMT physicians in order to provide patients with the most comprehensive care possible.